Benefits of using a professional e-mail address for your business

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July 6th, 2018


A professional e-mail address is an e-mail address that has your business name in it. For example, [email protected] is considered a professional e-mail address, whereas [email protected] or [email protected] are considered personal e-mail addresses.

Why have a professional e-mail address

When you receive an e-mail from a business do you check to see if it?s a professional e-mail address. For example, [email protected] vs [email protected], [email protected]

Anyone who is serious about their small business should at the least consider a professional e-mail address. Always remember it?s your business reputation that is on the line. Do you want to risk it? As a customer I expect to see a level of professionalism when dealing with other businesses. For starters, the e-mail is a dead giveaway. I want to be sure I?m dealing with a reputable business.

Make sure there is no question about the legitimacy of your business. I?m all for free e-mail services, such as Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo, for personal use.

No advertisements

Most free e-mail services have advertisements. Ads still represent a vast majority of revenue for these providers. This can hinder your daily workflow and cause production issues. Professional e-mail addresses don?t contain any advertising, unless of course you have opted for some additional services.

Privacy and backups

Did you know that free e-mail services don?t provide full privacy protection? Free e-mail services also have a high probability of crashing, being hacked and even shutting down without warning. Imagine what this would do to your business. This could cost your business a loss of confidential and vital information and not to mention downtime.

How often do you backup your free e-mails? E-mail backups need to be taken regularly. Professional e-mail provides you with backup options so you can be assured that your data is protected. Keeping your data private, secure and always accessible provides your business with peace of mind and no interruptions.

Security and your data

Most of us have heard about the amount of hacking and malware attacks with using free e-mail providers. Free e-mails lack the required security measures.

There are many security features offered for professional e-mail addresses. You have the option to add advanced security and reliability against spam and malware to help protect your information and access to e-mail. You are in full control. Help your customers feel confident about doing business with you.

Brand trust and increased brand perception

In order to be competitive, you need to be taken seriously. Make sure to distinguish yourself as a professional by using a professional e-mail address. A professional e-mail address provides customers with the trust needed to do business with you.

How do you want your business to be perceived? Your first interaction will determine how you and your small business are perceived. Whether it be through e-mail or in person. Continued communication needs to follow suit. Each day we communicate extensively through e-mail, making it a vital part of our communication.

Build customer trust by providing everyone in your company a professional e-mail address at your domain, like [email protected] and [email protected]

A professional e-mail address creates a solid image of your business and in turn increases brand perception among everyone you communicate with.

Business credibility

Starting and running your small business with a professional e-mail address is key to building trust and your brand.

For example, [email protected] or [email protected] provide everyone with the sense professionalism.

A professional e-mail address allows for more memorable communication. It?s also easier for customers to remember and associate with your small business, providing instant brand recognition.

You don?t want your customers or potential customers wondering who you are, or have your e-mails end-up in the spam folder.

E-mail forwarding

In addition to setting up any professional e-mail address you can also setup e-mail aliases, also known as e-mail forwarding.

E-mail forwarding is a feature that lets you create and use an alias to receive e-mail. An alias is a way to disguise an e-mail address. Everything sent to an alias e-mail address is actually received in the selected e-mail account?s inbox. You can create multiple aliases for the same e-mail account. Aliases give you the ability to organize your incoming e-mail, with folders or labels for mail sent to a specific alias. Using aliases can help manage a single e-mail account, without having to pay for multiple inboxes.

There is no cost for using e-mail forwarding.

For example, Jane?s e-mail address is [email protected] Using her business domain,, she creates a professional alias to receive customer e-mails at [email protected] With e-mail forwarding, the e-mails received at [email protected] are automatically forwarded to [email protected] This allows Jane to easily manage all e-mails for her business using a single e-mail address and helps her create an organized, professional business.

However, you can?t send from an alias address. Any e-mail reply will show your primary e-mail address as the sender.

For example, John has [email protected] as his primary e-mail account. He creates the alias [email protected] Any e-mail sent to [email protected] goes right to John?s primary e-mail account inbox. When he replies to any e-mail, the reply comes from [email protected] and not [email protected]

By using your domain name, you have the flexibility to use any e-mail host and not tied down to,, yahoo,com or any other free e-mail service provider.

If you are a small business professional, and are still using a free e-mail service like,,, etc. then it?s time to get a professional e-mail address for your business. Be authentic and build credibility with your brand.

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