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How to Share Access to Your Digital Marketing Tools

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How to share access to your:

Email Platform

Company Website

How to Share Access to Your Google Analytics

In order for us to track your website data, we will need access to your Google Analytics account and the best and easiest way to share access is to make [email protected] an admin.

How to Add Users to Your Google Analytics Account:
You can add as many users as you need. To add a new user to an account:

  1. Sign in to Google Analytics
  2. Click Admin, and navigate to the desired account
  3. In the Account, click Access Management
  4. In the Account permissions list, click +, then click Add users
  5. Enter the email address: [email protected]
  6. Select Notify new users by email to send a message
  7. Assign the Administrator role
  8. Click Add


How to Share Access to Your Google Ads

By sharing access to your Google Ads account, we can work on ad creation on the same Google Ads account. Once you’ve granted access, you can edit a user’s access level, or you can always remove access later on.

How to grant access to your Google Ads account

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account
  2. In the upper right corner of your account, click the tools icon wrench icon , then under “Setup,” click Access and security
  3. Click the plus button plus icon
  4. Select Administrative access level, then enter the email address: [email protected]
  5. Click Send invitation


How to Share Access to Your Facebook Business Manager Login

The fastest way for OTM to gain access to your Facebook account is for OTM to send you a request to manage your page – and all you will need to do is approve the request.

Before You Begin

  • If you’re the Page admin, you can approve the request. These steps only apply to the person who has Page admin permissions through Business Manager

Approve Ownership or Partner Request from Pages
If you are a Page owner, you can approve ownership or partner requests for your Page. The steps below only apply if you are a Page owner. To approve ownership or partner request from Pages:

  1. Open your Page
  2. From the left menu, select Page Settings
  3. Select Page Roles
  4. You will find the request under Partner Request or Ownership Requests. Select Respond to Request
  5. Select Give Old Town Media access to my Page

If you are a Business Manager admin, you can also approve partner requests in this way:

  1. Log in to your Business Manager
  2. Go to Business Settings from your left sidebar. Then, click Requests
  3. Click on the Received tab. You should see businesses that have requested access to your Page here. You should also see information about the user who has requested access and the business they belong to
  4. Click Approve or Decline

You have now either approved a partner request to give someone permission to access the Page or an ownership request to transfer ownership of the Page.

Resource: Facebook Help

How to Share Access to Your Facebook Ads Manager

To grant us access to your Facebook Ads Manager you will need to provide us with your customer ID, we will request to manage your page, and then you will need to accept the request.

Additionally, we can send you our account number and you can add us that way (ask your account manager!) 

Find your Ad Account ID (Account Dropdown Menu)

  1. Go to Ads Manager
  2. Your ad account ID number is shown above the search and filter bar, in the account dropdown menu

Approving an Access Request

You will get an email from Facebook asking you to approve the request. If you click on the link, you’ll be taken to your Facebook account page, where you’ll approve the request and give Zeustek permission to Manage Ad Account.

On the off chance that you don’t get the email, you can always log into your Facebook Ads account and click on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner to access your Facebook Ads Settings, where you can see any pending requests.

How to Share Access to Your Instagram Login

If you already connected your Instagram account to your Facebook business manager, we will gain access to your Instagram when we get access to Facebook.

We will still need you to provide us with your login information so that we can post natively through the app.

Follow the steps below if your Instagram account is not currently added to Facebook Business Manager:

  1. Go to your Business Manager
  2. On the left side of the page, click Business Settings > Instagram Accounts
  3. Click Claim New Instagram Account
  4. Add your username and password, then click Next
  5. To authorize one or more of your ad accounts to use the Instagram Account, check the box next to each ad account and click Save Changes


How to Share Access to Your YouTube Channel

If you have a Brand Account, you can now use channel permissions to add or remove access to your YouTube channel instead.

Ready to create a Brand Account?

  1. First, check to see if you already have a Brand Account
  2. Sign in to YouTube
  3. Click Settings
  4. Click Advanced Settings
  5. Click Move Channel to a Brand Account
  6. Choose the account you want to move to from the list on your screen. If you don’t have a list of accounts, it could be for a few reasons:
    • Your Google Account is not the primary account owner. Learn more about how to change channel owners.
    • Other users have access to your channel in Studio permissions. To continue, you first have to remove these users in Studio. Learn more about how to remove access.
    • Your channel had been using a Brand Account and moved to permissions. To continue, you first need to opt your channel out of Studio permissions.
    • To opt-out, select “Opt out of permissions in YouTube Studio” under YouTube Studio’s Settings and then Permissions.
  7. If the account you choose is already associated with a YouTube channel, click Replace, then select Delete channel in the box that pops up.
    • Important: Doing so will delete the channel that is already associated with that account. Any content associated with this channel will be permanently deleted, including videos, comments, messages, playlists, and history.
  8. Check how your channel name will appear after moving, then click Move channel.
    • Reminder: Doing so will delete any existing channel and the videos already associated with the account that you’re moving to.

How to Add Access to Your YouTube Account:

  1. Go to
  2. On the left-hand side, click Settings
  3. Click Permissions
  4. Click Invite and enter [email protected].
  5. Click Access and select Manager as the role.


As always, if you run into any questions or need assistance feel free to reach out to us, we’d be happy to help!