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Why Choose Zeustek

We’ve fixed thousands of systems over the past 27 years. During that time we’ve learned a lot of tips and tricks that allow our CompTIA certified techs to repair your device quickly and effectively. Your device is important to you, and you can trust that our repair experience to ensure your repair goes smoothly.

Virus Removal

You’ve got a virus. You call us. We fix it. Then we consult on prevention. Virus repair is one of our most common service requests. We perform several diagnostic procedures on your system to diagnose the problem, remove the virus, and if necessary, fix the damage caused to your system by the virus. We have all the tools and expertise necessary to remove the latest and nastiest viruses from your computer.


We offer a variety of software options including Windows, Microsoft Office, and Antivirus. When considering purchasing new software, We recommend customers to give us a call to consult prior to spending money on any software. Not all software is compatible with the hardware on a computer. There are instances where an application will not function on a “compatible PC” due to the hardware installed. This is rare but does occur.

We also help with issues which require diagnosis and repair or re-installation of software/firmware elements of a PC. Firmware, commonly known as “Drivers” –are programs which allow a computer to operate hardware devices. Firmware must be working properly in order for a physical device to function correctly. We will help you find and install any required drivers.

New Computer

Let us take all the hassle out of buying a new computer! We will consult with you to determine which computer best suits your technical and budgetary needs, and handle all of the details from purchasing to installation! Once your new computer is installed, we can also spend time in a one-on-one educational session to help you get the most out of your new machine!

IT Broker

We have memberships with many firms that allow us to purchase computers at lower costs allowing us to provide you with better pricing for your personal or business needs.

Data Destruction Services

We follow NIST and DOD 5220.22M standards to wipe laptops and hard drives, clearing all of the organization’s data.

Preventive Backup

Viruses, as well as mechanical hard-drive failure, could cause you to lose years worth of your life’s data stored on your computer. For this reason, we urge every client to BACK UP YOUR DATA. We can install a system for you which will automatically back up your system nightly, weekly, or monthly–and protect your files.

Data Recovery

Hard-drive crashed and you have no backup? We can perform diagnostics and work on getting your data back. There are many ways in which hard drives can fail and costs can vary greatly depending on the issue. We start with the easiest and least expensive recovery options, let you know the results and if unsuccessful – let you know the next steps involved and approximate costs. No surprises.

Preventative Maintenance/Tune-ups

Performing general preventative maintenance on your computer will help the system run at its optimum speed and efficiency, as well as help to protect from system failure. This category of service involves giving the computer a check-up to see which hardware and software components may not be running correctly or as fast as they could be. This category of service often includes the removal of Spyware and Adware. These malicious programs are often responsible for hindering PC performance and burdening users with annoying popups. Also included in preventative maintenance is the removal of old temporary files and cookies. It is a good idea to remove unnecessary junk from the PC that may be just taking up space and hindering performance.


We offer one-on-one computer training with customers. Training can be done remotely or in your home/office covering needs from “basic computer operations” to using a specific application. It is highly recommended to make a list of questions beforehand, so that all aspects may be covered.

Remote Access

We can remote in to your computer and solve many issues with software, malware, viruses or other issues. Remote access fees are lower than on-site support and there is no trip charge – saving you money. *Keep in mind that not all issues can be solved remotely.

Professional IT Services & Technology Consulting

We guide and strategize with you on leading technologies best suited to support you today and and into the future.


What if you can’t fix it?

If we can’t fix it, you don’t pay, simple!

How do I know if I need to replace my hard drive?

If your laptop slows down frequently with no noticeable reason, or freezes on its own, it may be due to an old/damaged hard drive. Or, your hard drive could just be shot and your computer might not function at all.

How do I know if I have liquid damage?

If you only dropped a few drops of water next to your mousepad, you’re probably going to be okay. However, if you have spilled any significant amount of liquid within your computer, it’s highly recommended that you fix it ASAP to minimize any hardware damage. This is among the more complicated repairs that we offer, so the sooner we get to it, the better.

How much does a hard drive replacement cost?

Prices vary by model (call for a FREE Quote!), but it absolutely makes sense to fix. Computers are expensive machines, so don’t let a bad hard drive turn your laptop into a paperweight!

How long can I expect this to take?

We stock hard drives for most systems, but some have a more specific hard drive that we don’t typically stock. If we need to order one, they typically only take a few days to arrive.

How do I know if I need to repair my laptop’s fan?

If your laptop has been overheating or your fan is making too much noise (or too little maybe?) then you should make sure you get it fixed before that causes other, very real problems.

Let Zeustek be your trusted partner!

Free Estimates

Not sure it makes sense to fix your device? We’ll give you a FREE Estimate so you can make an informed decision. Free estimates mean you know what the repair will cost, before we repair!

Certified Professionals

CompTIA A+ certified professionals are proven problem solvers. They support today’s core technologies from security to cloud to data management and more. CompTIA A+ is the industry standard for launching IT careers into today’s digital world.

12 Month Warranty

We stand by our repairs for 12 months on all our hardware repairs. We’ll test your device once your repair is complete, but if any issues arise later, we’re here to help. We don’t expect you to have any problems, but isn’t it nice to know that we’ve got your back! Even after your repair is out of warranty, we can help!

Trusted Partner

We’ve been fixing systems for over 27 years. We’ve stood the test of time and are still helping clients with all their technical needs. Your devices connect you to the world and we make sure it stays that way!